Why I'm backing Andy


Why I am supporting Andy Burnham.


I am supporting Andy to be not just the next Labour Leader but the next Prime Minister of Britain. I am supporting him for several reasons but above all because he offers hope and he brings passion. He is believable and credible.  He has a vision for a better country in a better world and it is a vision that is grounded in the real world and is eminently achievable.  I could take him on any doorstep in Burnley or Padiham and I know that people would identify with him and more importantly he could identify with them. He is clever and experienced but yet still retains a freshness that is very appealing. He is a clever well educated man but he still has the common touch. He is from an ordinary background and he has succeeded because he is capable and hardworking. He has served as an effective of member on the Labour front bench both in Government and opposition. He is a capable parliamentarian who has demonstrated time and time again that he is more than a match for the Tories and very importantly he has the people skills to unite the  Parliamentary Labour Party. Finally I believe him to be a convincing man of real substance with the skills and image to succeed.


commented 2015-08-19 15:24:30 +0100
Great post – I absolutely agree. I went to Blackburn yesterday to hear Andy speak – so impressed – a man of the people with an excellent grasp of what matters to ordinary people in our country – a refreshing change. He has a clearly defined Labour Manifesto – something we can tell people about on the doorstep in campaigning, that draws an obvious line between us and the Tories. For me he has really thought about what needs to be tackled – how to do it and how it will be paid for. His previous career experience together with his obvious passion and intellect add to the complete package. He is a skilled communicator and clearly more than a match for Cameron and Osborne and yet he has the common touch – an honourable man of the people – loyal to his party and determined to reunite it – determined to lead us to victory – what are we waiting for?? – he certainly has my vote !!
commented 2015-08-17 14:35:52 +0100
Julie as an ardent Labour Party supporter I’m still reeling from the very poor result of the recent election. How could it have been allowed to happen? To put it very bluntly a bunch of Muppets could have done better. The very mention of Blair and Brown and their side kicks Peter Mandelson and Alistair Campbell makes me cringe with anger. The damage that has been done to this country beggars belief. The memory of the Iraq war and the on going problems it has caused will never ever go away. I am ex RAF and was proud to serve my country and saw with my own eyes what was happening in the Middle East in the very early 1960’s.
We are now in the process of selecting a new leader, and I know who you favour, but my view is, they’ve had their chances, they allowed Milliband to scupper our chances with his so called Manifesto and look what has happened since.
Our party has had one wake up call and it’s about to get another. We need to get back to grass roots and stop the rot.
You mention “educated”, just what qualifications are needed to be an MP? It seems to me that you have to be highly qualified to bring our country to its knees. The banking scandal has caused untold misery for people from all walks of life. Then you have the MP’s expenses fiddling that was going on and tried to keep it quiet.
What I want to see is this word DISCRIMINATION activated like it’s never been done before. I own my own property and want to leave it to my children, I don’t want it taking away from me to pay for my old age health care. If I was a council house tenant all my care fees would be met from the public purse so why should I be discriminated against?

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